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For puppies between 8-20 weeks of age. Learn from the comfort of your own home together. Our puppy virtual program aides new puppy owners with the first few months of your puppy's life. This program will get your puppy on the right track to being a confident, well adjusted adult dog.

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Our Puppy Program Includes:

Start teaching foundational behaviours like attention to you, response to name, sit, drop it, recall + walking on leash.

Learning exercises to prevent unwanted behaviours like:

- resource guarding

- jumping on people

- counter surfing

Teach your puppy to play nicely with humans.

Discuss topics like potty training, puppy nipping, crate training, your puppy's development stage and how to enrich and manage their daily life to deter unwanted behaviours.

Discuss the dos and don'ts of puppy socialization to people, places and things!


    For new puppies from 8-20 weeks of age. Get your puppy on the right track to becoming the most confident version of themselves. Receive written notes for each exercise and topic discussed.


    Cost: $350.00 CAD

    5 Weeks

    50 minutes per Session

    Email support between sessions

    Sessions happen over Zoom or Facetime - a webcam and audio is needed.