Let us take the leash.

Our private day training program is an intensive program for new puppies or adult dogs. Let a Karen Pryor Certified Training Partner take the leash. We work on building skills that you can continue to maintain throughout life.

Bringing you comprehensive personalized support.

A Karen Pryor Certified Training Partner takes the leash while creating behaviour patterns you want to see. The Day Training program consists of training sessions happening in and around the home + your surrounding community. Each program is based on your dog's specific learning history, ability and motivations alongside your goals to help you enjoy the best version of your dog.


    Start with a 45 minute session to introduce myself and training methodology to you and your dog as well as discuss your goals and your dog in more detail. You will hear about a plan to move forward with. You will receive the information + resources necessary to maintain behaviours throughout your dogs life throughout the program.

  • COST:

    Package rates includes initial consult, 4 weeks of day training where our trainer works 1-1 with your dog in each session. As well as email support between sessions. Transfer information and videos of the trainer working with your dog.

    Part Time Training Package: $1080.00

    3 days/ week for 1 hour/session

    Full Time Training Package: $1600.00

    5 days/week for 1 hour/session