Let us answer your most pressing questions.

Get started with a 1 hour session in home to understand your dog's behaviour from the perspective of a clicker trainer. Get ideas to help you with instant relief through management tips + quick training exercises. Further training sessions may be recommended based on the complexity of the goals/situation.

What we can help with:

Preparing for or handling your new puppy

Answer any direct questions you may have before bringing home your new four legged family member. Example topics: what to buy, how to socialize your puppy, puppy biting, puppy and children, puppy and other dogs. Or discuss a question you have about your new four legged friend.

Addressing problem behaviours around the home

Discuss unwanted behaviours like counter surfer, excessive whining, jumping on people and more.

Lifeskills to make your daily routine easier

Learn exercises to create reliable responses to lifeskills - for behaviours like name response, coming when called, walking nicely on leash, outdoor recall or settling around distractions!

Your specific situation

We are happy to work one on one with you to reach your specific training goals!


    Understand your dog's behaviour from a clicker trainers perspective. You receive written exercises + notes after our session together. Future sessions may be recommended to reach your training goal.


    Cost: $100.00

    1 Hour Session

    First session takes place in your home

    Work 1-1 with a trainer to reach your goals