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Our manners program is for dogs aged 4 months or older. Become the trainer your dog needs! In the comfort of your own home - we teach you how to implement clicker training to teach your dog what you want to see. You also learn how to create reliable behaviours and start adding duration, distraction, + distance to the behaviours.

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Our Private Manners includes:

We teach your dog through games and positive reinforcement-based techniques. We work on putting the following behaviours on verbal/visual cue as well as adding the strength around distractions:

- Sit + Wait

- Settling on a Mat

- Recall

- Polite Walking on Leash

We also focus on the human side of training - our training mechanics. There is time for a question and answer period for you and your family. You receive written notes for each exercise we work on.


    Learn the benefits of clicker training your dog. Enjoy a dog who is eager to respond to you with our manners course. Written notes on exercises are sent after each session. Email support between sessions is available as well.

  • Details:

    Cost: $450.00

    In home training for the whole family

    5 Weeks

    1 hour sessions

    Package must be used within 3 months of purchase.